Due to a change in HRSA's policies and funding, we are no longer offering free Covid Tests. Please check below for our service prices.

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COVID-19 Testing Easy as

We Make Testing Easier

Getting a COVID-19 test today is more difficult than scoring a seat on the A train at 5PM. But there's good news! You can avoid frustration of long lines and waiting rooms. 123EZLab can connect you with a local pharmacy that is equipped to administer the test to you. We'll handle the scheduling, setup, payment, and automatically deliver the results to you over SMS or E-Mail. 


Did you know that NYC has about 2,000 independent pharmacies? Use our locator to find one that does COVID-19 testing closest to you!


Top of the line tests for any budget. We'll help file your reimbursement. Don't have insurance? We can help, there might be some additional paperwork.

Rapid Results

Get your result conveniently texted to you! Access your official documentation immediately from your phone.

Which Test is Right For You?

Rapid Antigen Test

"The Pop Quiz"
Uh-oh, I don't feel good! Do I have COVID?! Consider this your cheat-sheet! A fast affordable diagnostic test to give you answers now!

• Graded in House
• Most Affordable Option
• Fast Results - Texted to You


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Rapid Molecular Test

"The Midterm Test"
Let's just get through this. Your ticket to spring break! An affordable, more accurate molecular test with an official report card to match.

• Graded in House
• Documentation for Travel/Work
• Higher Accuracy


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PCR Molecular

"The Final Exam"
Straight A's take time. This molecular test can take up-to 3 days for results because it's analyzed in a high complexity CLIA lab.

• Our Most Accurate Test
• Documentation for Travel/Work
• High Complexity CLIA Lab Analysis


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Note: Prices shown are BEFORE insurance reimbursement. Services available may vary based on the location you select.
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Other Services

Antibody Test

"The Been There, Done That"
Think you've already had COVID-19 but you're just not sure? This is the test that satiates your curiosity and suggests COVID-19 immunity.

• IgG/IgM antibody test
• Graded in house
• Fast Results - Texted to You


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Help is near! Getting hold of a COVID-19 vaccine can be tough. Scan for pharmacies nearby that may have extra vaccines available at the end of the day, or let us direct you to a waitlist to schedule your vaccine.

*Please note, extra vaccines will be provided on a first-come first-serve basis within select pharmacy hours.

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Corporate Accounts

We offer 20% off of COVID-19 testing for business and group accounts of 20 or more. At an enterprise level of 50+ clients, contact us directly for a special rate.

Our mobile lab is capable of providing large-scale testing for events on-site. We are capable of providing services for sporting and public events, weddings, parties, and more, but most importantly, we can provide at-home and nursing home services.

We're here for you! For corporate accounts or group savings. Contact Us

How it Works

Get prepared for a COVID test.

1. Get Prepared for the Test

Let's make that appointment! Locate a pharmacy COVID-19 testing site near you. Choose the test that you want to take (psst, descriptions above!), and fill out our COVID-19 pre-quiz questions. Don't worry, this is a quiz where you get points for filling in your name. You'll be emailed your own cheat sheet- a QR code you pull up at your test appointment and can use to check in!

Get Started
Grab Your Mask & Get to Your Test!

2. Take the Test

Don't be late for the exam! Show up with your QR code and get ready to take that test!

A trained specialist will distribute your COVID-19 test. You'll be taken into a private area and asked to remove your mask. Don't worry, we'll keep ours on! Depending on your pharmacy and location, we may take a nasal or saliva sample.

We know this might feel a little uncomfortable, but it'll be over before you know it!

We'll treat your sample and prepare it to be either graded directly in-house, or will send it out to a high complexity CLIA laboratory for results.

Yay! You did it!
Yay! You did it!

3. Get Your Report Card

You've got questions now and we've got answers in 15 minutes. Have your results quickly texted or emailed directly to you! Looking for a formal report card to show off for work, travel, or to hang on the refrigerator? Make sure to pick a molecular test and we'll automatically give you your test documentation, without the hassle and wait of a formal request.

*Patients should always verify with the destination or foreign embassy to ensure they're in compliance with any requirements.

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