1-2-3 EZLAB

A Multi-Platform System

The Crew (Who We Are)

Our Mission
A direct approach for effective solutions. In every service and product we build, we work to create connections that streamline the process for healthcare providers to provide superior healthcare. 

Our Purpose
We maintain transparency, affordability, and accessibility in healthcare to support both providers and patients alike.  

Our Products
The best part about our service is the connection we create between patients, pharmacies, and laboratories. Patients always feel left out of the conversation when it comes to their test results, and back-end users always feel a little out of sync with each other. We facilitate open communication between the parties that need it the most.

Whether your concerns are pharmaceutical, lab and testing related, or how to improve user interaction within compliance to regulatory bodies, we will help you find the most elegant solution. Complex problems are best solved simply. 1-2-3, as simple as can be!

We pursue to simplify solutions. 1. Get an appointment. 2. Get tested. 3. Get results.
On the back end, 1. Reach more patients. 2. Stay organized and not overwhelmed. 3. Instantly communicate to all parties involved.

Our Future Vision
We may have been born because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, but we refuse to be restricted by it. COVID-19 has accelerated the need to create technologies in the medical field that provide answers to its patients faster, safer, and hassle-free.
Our tech doesn’t end with the pandemic. We pursue to keep our clients at the forefront of intelligent organizational and workflow devices, and act as a continuous pocket companion to house or patients’ medical records and certificates.

Our Local Community and Contributions
NYC is home to over 2,000 independent pharmacies, many of which are COVID-19 testing sites. With the help of our technology, we connect patients to these local stand-alone businesses to support their community, and then connect these pharmacies to local private laboratories. We provide educational resources for independent pharmacies to expand their service options to support more of their local communities such as how to become testing sites, training in different procedures, and remain compliant in ever-changing governing orders.

Driving patients to local independent pharmacies not only allows them options to book an appointment more customized to their schedule, but it increases accessibility to tests and price ranges, provides them with more options for the type of test they want, increases turn-around time, and gives back to the community that they’re apart of.

1-2-3 EZ Lab strongly believes in supporting our communities but also in supporting COVID-19 research and education. Our CEO personally donates 50% of his shares directly to organizations that pursue COVID-19 research and educating the public about the virus.

Work with us
If you share this vision and would like to learn more about how you can invest in helping us accomplish our mission, contact us and we’ll share how we can battle COVID-19 together.

If you are a pharmacy or laboratory who would like to learn more or enroll to be part of our network, contact us here!