Pharmacists: The First
Line of Defense

How We Can Support Your Pharmacy

Benefits of Joining Our Network:

-Weekly reimbursements for using our patient scheduling platform
-Free advertising and high viewability for patients scanning for testing sites by location
-Administrative, billing, and reporting support through our program
-Up-to-date educational resources and alerts for executive order changes
-Access to more test-types and suppliers at discounted rates
-TSA compliant, high complexity CLIA lab PCR tests available 
-Membership with a network that supports local independent pharmacies and high complexity CLIA laboratories 
-Tech, resource, patient, and supply support

***CLIA waiver or not, reach out! We're here to help. ***

1-2-3 EZ LAB can help your pharmacy connect with more people in your community so you can continue to serve and protect your patients from COVID-19. We can increase your accessibility and visibility to patients, improve your service options, balance your administrative tasks like data entry and billing and do the heavy lifting for you so you can spend more time doing what’s best: being a protector of your community.

Independent pharmacies have been here for as long as we can remember, in the heart of the neighborhood just a few steps away. You're the first line of defense serving the community and the first phone call that’s made after calling Mom to ask her to bring you chicken soup when you feel sick. You safeguard your prescriptions, secrets, and don’t judge you when you ask about gummy vitamins because you hate swallowing giant pills (our favorite gummy vitamin flavor is cherry)! You are independent pharmacists, and you are proud servants to our communities. 

Let 1-2-3 EZLab serve you. We can alleviate your biggest symptom: Stress.

Interested in learning more about how your pharmacy can benefit from our services?
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