Coming to EZ Labs Soon


Thank you for your interest in EZ Labs. These are very challenging times for independent community pharmacies, who are trying to attend to the health needs of our community, from medication therapy to COVID-19 testing and soon the COVID-19 vaccine.

We have been overwhelmed with emails, texts and phone calls inquiring about COVID-19 vaccine availability, impacting our ability to serve optimally. Therefore, we ask you to read information posted on our site and be patient on your inquiry response time as we divert our focus on vaccine complex handling logistics.

Currently, we will only post information on the website and notify those who have preregistered or have communicated interest to get the vaccine when it becomes available. We will notify those individuals first, so make sure you pre-register. We will then make the vaccine available to our qualified customers based on availability and scheduling. We understand that it is important to get the vaccine; please continue your search of other PODs (vaccination sites).

All appointments will be online only. If you are limited and unable to access the website, communicate with us so our associates can reach you and work with you via telephone.

Here is what we know so far:

  • We expect reception of the Moderna vaccine.
  • We will be distributing vaccines between 9am-2pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
  • Remaining available vaccines after 2pm will be prioritized to previous no-show appointments and/or interested standby patients between 2pm-4pm. 
  • Appointments resulting in "no-shows" will NOT be rescheduled. Your follow-up 2nd appointment will automatically be cancelled and will disqualify you for future appointments at our facility. This is strictly to comply with federal ruling to avoid wasting the country's limited supply of the vaccine.
  • There will be no charge for the vaccine regardless of your coverage.

You can preregister your account here for faster booking when the vaccine becomes available to the public. However booking itself is not yet available.

Otherwise, you can check this page or subscribe to our newsletter to get email updates for when it is available.